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From the Beginning

Gregory Jackmauh and Michael Kalil have guided ReConstructions, Inc. since 1985. We have dedicated ourselves to serving clients in the Boston area who love their homes and want a trusted partner to achieve a new vision.
Our work has grown organically and incrementally over time and our reputation in the community has naturally grown too. We operate on a few fundamental principles:

Listening: We are effective and successful only if we listen to you, our client.
Flexibility: We take a fresh approach to each renovation. Every client or project is unique, each job demands new creativity and adaptability.
Regard for everyone involved: A project is only successful when there is true regard for all of the people involved in the construction process.
By keeping to these principles for over 25 years, we have been able to rely on word of mouth as our sole source of work.

  • Our favorite form of advertising is our client’s delight with the work.
  • Our favorite compliment is when the old and new are so seamlessly integrated people ask “What did you do to this house?”
  • Our greatest satisfaction is when a past client calls us with another project in mind.


For more information about ReConstructions, Inc. please call us at 617 462 5683 or send us an email.

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